Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off to see the Mouse!!!

Well its been a long time coming but we are finally on the eve of our trip to Orlando. We booked this holiday last December paying most of it with Tesco Club card deals. We are flying with Virgin (who are taking over the world, we have Virgin Broadband, Virgin phone, Virgin TV and Virgin Mobiles. We have not yet given into Virgin banking, although we might just as well give in on that as well!!)
The holiday planning has not been without problems including poor Carl who has had to reduce his holiday from 13 to 6 days after a mess up at Uni. Tonight he has come home with an injury to his foot which is really playing him up. He has hurt his little toe on a trampoline, its really swollen, blue and bruised. Its making walking difficult for him. Right up until this week I thought it was going to be my tendinitis that would cause the problems.
I went out earlier in the week with Mum, Laura and Beth and took part in a jewelery making class. It was really good fun and we all came away with some new jewelery.
I have also been making some new charms in honour of our forth coming trip.
I made some Minnie Mouse charms out of Fimo and I added some glass beads and a black leather thong!!
This pair are waiting to be turned into a pair of dangly ear rings.
I made some bigger ones and I have turned some of them into pendants. There is definitely something therapeutic about making Fimo figures you could waste hours playing with it!!! 

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suebaru said...

Have an amazing time,I'd say I'm not jealous but it would be a lie! And I'll be placing an order from some Fimo Minnies when you come home :) xx