Friday, October 29, 2010

Epcot Centre

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Today we went to Epcot it was so hot that we found it a slog. The weather has been unbelievable this holiday, tonight we had a few spots of rain and I mean a few (around 5!!!) we are now poolside and enjoying a lovely warm breeze. The USA is in full Halloween mode and tonight there are even more pumpkins in the hotel reception. Better than pumpkins though is the fact that out hotel is stuffed full of American Air Force pilots in Orlando on a convention. ( Grace tell your mum about the lovely uniforms they are all wearing!!!) this evening they were three deep in reception I found that I had so many things to ask the receptionist and tonight by the pool they are quite easy on the eye ;0) !!! It's hell having to put up with the stress of all the airmen!
So tomorrow what will we do?? Beth wants to go to The Magic Kingdom I think I should stay here and see if any of those nice airmen need a hand to do anything!!!!

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