Saturday, October 23, 2010

animal Kingdom

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Today we went to Animal Kingdom we took the 9.15 bus from the hotel and when we got there we headed straight to Harambi safari ride at the back of the park. It wasmuch longer than I remembered and this time we saw loads of animals. We met Deb, Malc and the crew at Bugs Life. It's been a really hot day so we went inside to see some of the shows and cool down. We decided to take a fast pass for the yeti ride I am so glad we went on it's a great ride. Afterwards we went on the single rider line and got on quicker than the fast pass brilliant!!!the kids were lucky they were given extra fast passes so they had a few goes. This was a first as Tom went on as well!!
The other amazing thing that happened was while we were waiting for Carl to come off of a ride we bumped into Liam (from work) what are the chances if that happening???
We are nowback at the hotel getting ready for dinner.

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