Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eating Out

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Today we have gone our separate ways!! Beth and Carl to Epcot and Tom and I to the pool with a little light shopping thrown in, we have Mickeys Halloween party tonight so weare expecting enough 'candy' to melt teeth!! Tom and I stopped for lunch a Dennys my first real food for ages I had sweetcorn!!! We plan to drive to the magic kingdom for 5 to meet up with kids and the Jacksons!!
Poor carl flies home tomorrow we'll miss him :(
On a positive note I did some craft shopping this morning and he'll be able to get some of thT in his bag!!! Result !


suebaru said...

You went to Dennys and only ate sweetcorn?! Please tell me you had brownies too!

Almost Normal said...

I bet you had a pudding pie too!