Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Hello from an extremely hot Forida where the pavements are tacky and melting and where I feel as if I have landed in the middle of an oven!! We decided to meet up at 9am by the 'Universal' world globe. We went into the park and we were amazed to find it so quiet. We walked from ride to ride with no queues we went on everything and saw everything without any stress or hassle! We rode the new Simpsons ride twice in the first half an hour we saw loads of characters and shows including Blues Brothers and Beetlejuice. We were a little late to Beetle juice and ended up at the front in the second row, great view but the sound system was far too loud. At one point Deb and I could feel our throats vibrating with the noise, weird I know but that's what happened!! Great show with the usual attractive short skirted ladies to keep the men interested!!!
Tonight we took our friends to Walmart and thanks to our whacky sat navdrove through a gas station twice!! How that was right I don't know. Afterwards they came back to our hotel and we had drinks Round the pool (there is no bar at the hotel so we took advantage of walkways best!!!)
Tomorrow we are going to Epcot late inthe day to catch the fireworks.

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Travis Erwin said...

Yep. 24hours away. See you about 5 PM tomorrow.