Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fairy Toadstools!

Today was a beautiful day weather wise, sunny and 19.5 C, we took a trip to Stevenage to buy a few bits from my favourite shop, Poundland. On the way back we decided to stop off to look at the Horse chestnut trees on Ayot Green.
We well took a look at them, they were beautiful, and will be subject of a later blog post, but the absolute find of the day were these fantastic Toadstools, The poisonous Fly Agaric. I have never seen them in England before, although I know they do grow here. So after looking at the trees on the green, we headed off into the country and promptly took a wrong turn. We ended up at the back gate of Brocket Hall, we passed a Wedding car heading into the hall (seems lots of people have chosen to get married on the special date of 10.10.10!) We stopped to turn around an spotted these beauties on the side of the road.
To start with I thought there was only a couple of them, but when I got out there were a fair few, some well grown like the ones above and some just coming through. The more you looked the more there were!! The last time we saw any was when were were in Belgium a couple of years ago.

I just love the way they look, So shockingly RED amongst all the brown and decaying leaves. One of those natural wonders and one of the reasons I love the autumn so much.


suebaru said...

Whaat?! We were up there today and I didn't see them :( Will have to go back again!

Anonymous said...

Great shots I love those toadstools

Shirley said...

Oh how wonderful!

domestic goddess said...

wow they are gorgoues!!!