Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 days without the internet????

I have had a terrible week, its been hard to cope with. I have been without the Internet!! It is amazing how much you come to rely on the magic of the web. Beth has not been able to do her research for her home work.  I have lost count of the number of times I have gone to look for something before realising that I couldn't actually look it up. I wanted to upload photos and sort out some photo shop posters, all to no avail!! Last night I phoned Virgin again and they said that it was a fault on my modem having spent three days telling me it was a general fault, they refunded half a months subscription and arranged for an engineer to call tomorrow. As it turned out we received an automated call to say that they had fixed it remotely and did we still need an engineer?? So now its back and life can get back to normal!!!

So what did I do to fill up my Internet free time?? Well made beads of course!!!

I have been playing with 'silver' glass. This glass reacts with the base glass to produce some interesting effects . Making beads is like making cakes, you have to experiment a bit and keep a note of what happens. I used silver leaf on top of ivory glass and they reacted  together I then put a bit of silver glass over the top.

To make the glass shine you have to allow it to cool for a while and then gently waft it in the tip of the flame. If you get it right it has a mirror like shine. I am pleased with these few beads. Some time soon I will make them into jewelry and hit the craft fairs!!

I am glad we are heading towards the weekend, it seems to have been a hard week not helped by the torrential rain that we have been enjoying. Every day this week we have been drenched getting from the car to the office. Today we had a presentation outside and that was wet as well. This is what happens when you are in the middle of a drought and hose pipe ban!!!!

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Sue said...

Bloody Virgin!! I am back after a whole month Grrrrr two engineers sent out (the last one fixed the problem at the exchange) I was told to buy a new router from Virgin for £47 too ( and it turned out that i didnt have to!!) I have been given a month and half price off the router to come off NEXT month!! Appalling service!