Sunday, April 01, 2012

What a beautiful day!!

When I woke up this morning and looked outside the sky was clear and the sun was shining, it was still cool but it looks as if today might be a great one for taking a few photos. All week I had been planning to take some blossom shots but had not got around to it. I am a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to naming the trees, so I am going to see if I can do an identification by google a bit later on!!

I think its fair to say that the blossom is stunning this year, we have a fantastic tree on our green, but its always very late flowering, but it hasn't stopped the trees in the rest of the town.

I am amazed at just how many flowers there are blooming at the same time, they are the most delicate shades of pink with a few white ones thrown in.

It seems such a lot of effort for them to bloom when the slightest of breezes results in pink confetti every where, a true sight of spring.

This tree had less flowers in smaller clusters, but they were fragrant and you could catch the scent on the breeze. 

This tree was stacked with blossom. I took a drive around the whole of the town and I only found this type of tree in one place. 

The tree attracted loads of great big fat bees, they were buzzing from flower to flower.

Last of all is the magnificent Magnolia. Strong, big pink flowers There are a few of these in the main road through the town, they are not all in flower as yet, but this one was in a garden nearer to home, so I took a few sneaky shots. 

Beth has been out all day playing the part of a body for the Ambulance service who have a mock up major incident. She gets to take several roles, this morning she had a peanut allergy, she is now on her way home covered in blood!! I hope she got some photos!!!

Mum and dad have had a bit of a day, the stair lift has packed up, they have a call out service plan  but when the man arrived he found  that the gear box had broken and he doesn't have a spare one, they have to be ordered in. So Mum is trapped upstairs until its fixed, hopefully in the morning. 
My conservatory is finally 'done' we picked up the final cupboard Saturday morning and have that installed next to the bureau, so now my printer and craft robo are up and running again. I advertised a couple of bits on  Free cycle and one has gone and one is waiting to go. So then I will be clear I am happy with how it has all turned out and I was able to sit and make some beads this afternoon without spending an age shuffling things around to get ready first.
I can't wait to see what come out of the kiln as I have been experimenting with some special effects glass. I just hope its not poo on a stick!!!

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