Thursday, April 05, 2012

Don't Panic!!!!!

I have finally got a couple of photos from Last weekends major incident training that Beth took part in. She is splattered with blood in the above photo with a nice cut on her cheek. 

When she got home she looked as if she had a bad case of sun burn!! It took a bit of a scrub in the shower to get rid of it all!!!
Thank goodness its the start of the long weekend. I a totally unprepared for the Bank Holidays. I haven't even bought any eggs as yet, so I expect once I get into the shops they will be gone and I'll end up buying bars of chocolate !! I am looking forward to getting some time to do my own thing, a bit of crafting and then a bit of chilling in preparation for our visit to Amsterdam Next week. I hope we hit a fine sunny day so I can get lots of lovely photos. 
Happy Easter 

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