Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If that was Easter, we have had it!!!

Well that long weekend has gone by in a flash, plenty of rain and miserable weather. On the plus side Beth did get some nice Easter Eggs. The whole of the weekend was fairly uneventful but it was nice to be able to chill out and do very little. 
Today we are preparing for our little jaunt to the Dutch bulb fields so just need to pop out and get some Euros and that will be it. Beth had physio on the knee and she is looking at at least another month in a brace, she is making progress but its slow. Today they started to work on getting her onto one crutch so she is going to try that and see how she goes.

So just a bit of packing to do plus checking the car over for the journey. We are taking a wheelchair for Beth as we may well have a bit of walking to do and because of the crutches lots of walking makes her hands ache!!!

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