Monday, April 23, 2012

Strange Weekend

I had so much that I wanted to do over the weekend and in the end got very little of it sorted out. It went by in a rush of nothingness. I think a lot of it was the aftermath of Carl getting his job and all of that sinking in.
On Saturday I decided that along with all the other stuff I had to do housework wise, I would make him a congratulations card. As always a card for a man is far harder than any card for a woman or child, so I spent a huge amount of time trying to come up with a design that worked for me. I knew that in my stash I had some 'large' card blanks. I also had some school stickers, so I had a bit of a start. In the end I virtually spent the whole day thinking about it all.
Eventually I came up with this :-

I am pleased with the result a combination word art and stickers. Simple but effective! 
I liked it so much that I adapted the design for a couple of other cards. 

I did manage to get another go on my beads. I have been trying to perfect the use of special double helix glass. These glasses are all very expensive so its a bit of a worry using them, I don't want to waste them. So I did some experiments and I will photograph them to record them for a future post.

So here we are with Monday nearly out, work is busy as usual and there is loads to do. The weather is wet and cold and to top it all a tomato has exploded over my nice clean top. Time for bed I think!!!

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