Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Beads!!!

Over the weekend I got time to make a few beads. Before we went away on our mini holiday I managed to buy a new implement, a bead roller. I wasn't sure how I would get on with it, but I am pleased to report that it has worked very well. I needed something to enable me to make beads of the same size time after time. I cracked on and managed just that!! The roller has 4 different sized holes so I was able to make 4 different sized beads. Most of the ones above are the same size but there are a couple a bit bigger when I over did the amount of glass !! All in all I was very happy with a regular bunch of beads and I feel inspired to do more.

I tried to keep a common theme, spotty beads!! I don't know what happened to the blue ones though. They all developed red streaks. I have checked he rods and they are pure blue no red in them at all. I have checked my work surface and that's clear, so its a mystery, perhaps I over heated the blue and got a reaction.

All I have to do now is make them into something, so I need to work harder at making 'sets' of things!!

In more good news Carl is now designated as a 'NQT' Newly qualified teacher. He has handed all his work in and they have signed him off at Uni. We are so proud of him its been a tough few years and he has had to work very hard to get there. I think he will make a great teacher. Well done Carl !!!!


shamraiz said...

Hi Dear ,
Just tell me where you get these kind of beads because i love to buy for my next project.

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Alison G said...

Hi there, yes you're right, the red is the copper coming out in the glass, it's caused by over heating or by a propane rich (reducing) flame. It's hard to get the flame as even on a hothead but it's possible. Try and work a little further out. Great beads btw!