Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!! Its very nice to have a long weekend now and again. So far its been pretty chilled and I have taken the time to catch up on lots of bits and pieces that I have wanted to do for a while. One thing that I had wanted to do for a while is re look at my family tree. Its been a few years since I dabbled with it and when I was sorting out the conservatory I peeped into the box file of certificates and found myself wondering again. Since I last looked thing have moved on line so you can research from the comfort of your house. So yesterday I spent a very pleasant day searching and looking for my old relatives!!!
By the end of the day I ended up with a pile of post it notes all covered with info which I had updated into my on line tree. I found quite a few new details and realised that I had previously made some mistakes, just reading things wrong and coming to the wrong conclusion !!! I have corrected them. The added bonus is the census returns that are now indexed and on line, cuts the searching down no end. 

I have put the whole of my tree on Ancestry and its great to see it building. I have the usual skeletons in the cupboards and I have made a fair few discoveries such as one of Tom's relatives was called Newyear, born on New years day, child number 12, they had obviously run out of names!!! But he was a train driver fully qualified after an apprenticeship of 20 years!!! He was a rebel and married a German girl who was 17 when they got married (he was 45!!) Exciting times. He died a few years later and she remarried and with her new husband ran a 'boarding house' . in the 1901 census there were 80 people lodging with her!!!!
I can feel my addiction returning.....

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