Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fence Fixing.

Yesterday Tom and I were both off of work, the plan was to fix the fence that had come down in the storm, we also needed to fix the roof of the alley way lean too, which had also blown off in places.
We went to all the DIY places and a the builders merchants to try and buy an angle iron. We decided that this was the only way to repair it as the post had broken off level with the ground, unfortunately the post is surrounded 6 foot on all sides by concrete paths and patios, so digging it out would have been near impossible. As it turns out the quest to buy an angle iron was harder. In the end we had to get two specially made for us at a local metal smiths!!
This morning we went out to hammer it into the ground with the aid of my recently purchased sledge hammer. It worked like a dream until we came to the part where we needed to screw the post to the angle iron, it was then that Tom realised that he hadn't charged his screwdriver or drill. That slowed things up considerably.
Anyway several hours later we finished it and it now looks as good a new and we hope that this time things will survive the winds.

We popped around to see mum and dad and have arranged to go back tomorrow to do the same to their fence, also a victim of the winds.

Tom and I did the weekly shop at Lidls, another slog. Tom ha now taken Beth on a bike ride. Time to think about dinner.

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