Saturday, January 20, 2007

Missed the swimming.

Unfortunately Thursday night was a bit of a wash out, the weather was terrible, windy and raining, so I decided that it would be safer to stay at home rather than risk the roads and all the fallen trees. Today we have had more of the same so its a real wintry weekend.

As a result of the wind we have damage to our side fence, so next weekend we will have to replace a fence post and the roof on the alleyway shed!

This morning I collected a dozen jigsaw puzzles for mum from a Freecycler in Welwyn Garden City. This is a fantastic idea, its a yahoo group, where people advertise what they are throwing away and people can ask for it. It saves stuff going into landfill and it is useful. So mum now has an extra dozen big jigsaws and the donor now has a clear shelf!! I have managed to get rid of a load of stuff including the partition wall from the bedroom, a bike , odd furniture etc. I have rehomed a set of pine drawers, a Dr Who sticker book, a vintage suitcase, a tumble dryer condenser. Its a really great idea.

Carl has gone to the pictures with a mate at the Galleria, and Beth is at home playing doctors with her babies.She is all dressed up and even has rubber gloves!

I feel at a loose end, waiting to do something but I know not what !!

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