Saturday, January 13, 2007

I was right!

Well my predicted aching became a reality in the middle of the night, a combination of sleeping and a cold bedroom, made sure that my shoulders really ached. Being a wimp I could not get back to sleep, so I got up took a couple of pain killers and went back with my hot water bottle.

By mid morning at work I was fine, and now its as if I had never swam!! Stupidly I have agreed to go tomorrow afternoon with my friend Heather and the girls, I may yet chicken out, no point aggravating things!!

Food wise it seems to be going well. Slimming world, is quite an easy plan to follow. My danger point is in the evening when I want to nibble, somehow fruit is not as satisfying as a nice biscuit or bar of chocolate. Tonight to beat the munchies I took the decision to eat a tin of baked beans!!! Not quite the same but it meant that I had something to eat and that I was able to make them last a long time.

So its early days, but I have now done the first 2 days which is where the cravings are, perhaps once I get to the week I will have got over the desire to eat chocolate! (I am an optimist!)

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Shirley said...

YAY! You are good, i have yet to start, well done hunny!