Sunday, January 07, 2007

Great News

Well after a month of turmoil, things have turned around quite dramatically. On Friday Laura had her appraisal at work where it was decided that she would be offered a full time position. She went into the appraisal expecting the worse, having had a bad result from a mystery shopper, but her boss asked her to tell her why she should be kept on. So Laura got out her 'don't sack me' folder and told them of all her achievements. She said this made her boss laugh so much that she thought that she was going to expire with all the coughing she was doing!
She was so relieved to be signed on and become a full member of staff, with all the benefits that it brings (pay rise!!)

Yesterday Scott phoned to say that he had finally signed his contract as a full time member of staff for John Lewis. He has been there for 9 months, there was an understanding that he would be made permanent at the end of the first three months, but for some reason that didn't happen. He did not chase them. They renewed his contract a further 2 times as a temporary employee. This was getting Laura down and it worried me. Once he had been there for 12 months he would have employment rights, so I was worried that they might just not renew the next time and leave him without a job and then that would affect their ability to stay in the flat.

So within the space of 2 days they have both gone from temporary to full time members of staff. Its a huge relief for everyone!!

Again on the plus side, Scotts permenant status gives him a share in the staff discount scheme, he gets the staff bonus and he can put his name on the waiting list for one of the flats to rent above Welwyn Department Stores. These flats are lovely and have the added bonus of a reasonable rent, plus free water rates and free heating. They would be better off all round. So fingers crossed for continuing happiness!


Shirley said...

Crossing everything, ooh uncrossing eyes as it makes typing difficult!
Well done Scott and Laura!

Jaffers said...

Hope things just keep getting better for them!
I’ve crossed lots of things, but most of them I can’t tell you about…