Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Skating !!

On New years day Beth and Emma went skating on the rink in town. The previous visit had been called off due to terrible weather, we had torrential rain so they closed the rink.
We went at 4pm and the girls and Heather got booted up, they hit the rink and hated it !! Beth said that it hurt her ankles, Emma said that it was too slippy and the large white tiles made of plastic kept coming apart and they got stuck in the grooves!
We had booked for an hour but they only managed 30 minutes before giving up on it.
Great idea but everyone on there said that real ice was easier!! Which made me wonder, if they all went on a real ice rink, if they would turn into Torville and Dean!!!

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Yizz said...

Yep Real ice is easier but it still makes your ankles ache!!DH and I used to go alot in our youth and we would go for hours because we had to travel to London from the SE coast for the nearest rink.
Great photos though, looks so wintery and picture postcard iyswim