Monday, January 15, 2007

Had a tough morning

Poor Beth had a bit of toothache yesterday and during the night. When I looked at her tooth it looked fine but there was a huge lump on the side with what looked like half a tooth in it. I could not work out where that had come from and if it was part of a new or old tooth. Anyway phoned the dentist and took the day off of work to get her sorted.

The dentist took a look and spotted the start of a small hole in one of her bottom teeth and when he checked out the top one, found that the odd thing was in fact the remains of her baby tooth, possibly the root. So in the blink of an eye he got his probe under it and flicked it out. Beth hit the roof. He then had to put a bit of a filling in the bottom tooth to cover that up and by then she was wailing.

We are now home with the root in a tooth fairy sachet, she has been dosed up on Calpol and she is now examining her half a dozen Pirates of the Caribbean stickers that they gave her. (to get her out of the place before all the waiting patients run away)

On the plus side I get an unexpected day to do some of my own thing!!

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