Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still broken !!

Got up thinking perhaps my computer had relented and decided that with a rest it would work again. No such luck I'm afraid, still misbehaving. So I have phoned the engineer and explained and he said that he should be able to access the files and save them, but it depends just how badly sick it is. So fingers crossed, he is coming out on Tuesday to try and breath life into it again.

Today we have been around to mum and dads and repaired their fence, I have also watered in weed killer to their garden path, dad is not able to walk and water at the same time, its amazing ow many little things are affected, at least he is up and running and it was an easy job for me.

Its a beautiful windy day and our shed roof is holding up ok. (fingers crossed!!)

I would like to take a trip out, just to blow the cobwebs away!!

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Maria said...

Hope you're 'puter is better soon.

You are a good daughter helping out.

Have a fab week xxx

Ooh, sorry, you've been tagged but please don't feel obliged.