Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - Out with a BANG!!!!!!

Oh Dear Cyril is dead. This all started last week when poor Cyril was unsettled by Eunice (Are you reading this Eunice????) Poor Cyril was parked outside our house minding his own business when a 'visitor' reversed into him, we could tell he was unhappy, his rear panel was slightly dented and there was a crack in one of his lights. The whole experience was too much for him to cope with. Yesterday morning Tom was at work when he came across some black ice (it was around -4 at the time) Tom touched the brakes and Cyril glided into the back of a lorry.(Tom and the lorry driver were both perfectly okay) We feel that it was suicide, he felt unable to carry on with his cracked light panel. He had had a good innings, being fifteen years old.
So as we say farewell to Cyril and thank him for his years of long service we have to get used to our new car, Fanny, We were thinking about a new car (not that I am going to let Eunice the murderer know that!!!!) for a little while and had actually the day before Cyril died agreed to buy Fanny. We had to bring the purchase forward a little and met with the vendor in a lay by outside Leicester City Centre Mosque, (Thank You Ginger!!!) Fanny is now home and is settling in. I would like to wish all of our friends and neighbours a very Happy New Year, Just give us some warning if Eunice intends driving tonight!!!!


Almost Normal said...

Oh goodness, I'm glad Dad's okay, and the lorry driver too. What a worry!

debra said...

Happy New Year to you, too!
And a fond farewell to Cyril.

suebaru said...

RIP Cyril!
Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2009!

Jennifer Jilks said...

That is so sad! My son recently posted his Facebook status and said "Cyril is dead", too.

Cyril was his beautiful blooming plant. Jasmine, I recall. I was so surprised to see your statement and glad it wasn't a living thing!

Jen said...

Oh dear, that's definitely what I call going out with a bang! Glad Ginge could set you up with a Fanny instead (I'm not even going to THINK what that sounds like!). Happy New Year dear friend :) Hope we see each other a bit more in 2009.

Debbielou said...

Poor old Cyril !
Long live Fanny ! x