Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Roar of the Crowd, the smell of the Grease paint!

In the Dressing Room.

The stage from the back of the theatre, Beth sitting on the left.

Beth playing the Cat.

The Villagers Talking to Gepetto.

Last Night was dress rehearsal for the production of Pinocchio at the Barn Theatre. I stayed behind to help in the dressing room with the changes. I hadn't realised that Beth had three costume changes plus make up. Its a really labour intensive job. Most of the outfits were ready but there were a few running repairs made as we went along and Beth's skirt needed a zip fixed. A lot of the cast were suffering from sore throats and colds, so they need to rest their voices before they perform for real.
I was able to watch the show and apart from a few issues with the scene changes the actual acting went very well.
The theatre itself is very small and cosy so they don't use microphones, they all have to speak up to be heard. I sat at the back and it was perfectly clear!!
Last night there was also a professional photographer there and Beth was asked to do a Bio for the newspaper, so its all very exciting!
The only down side was that they didn't finish until 11pm and she was shattered this morning.


Manna said...

Go, Beth! Break a leg or two :)

Cloudia said...

Beth and her proud Mom will remember this night FOREVER! Thanks for sharing your joy with us. Aloha-