Monday, December 15, 2008

Well it was original!!!

Today I was up bright and early to take dad into hospital to have his hip replacement op. You know how it is you get yourself worked up, him worrying about it and me worrying that I would oversleep and miss the 7am slot.
Anyway we got there in plenty of time, we were shown to his bed in a ward with 5 other guys, I settled him in filled out the paper work and made sure all was well. Being an ace 'earwigger' I heard one of the nurses talking to another nurse, saying that there were no beds in the High Dependency Unit. I knew then that it was unlikely that he would have his operation. On the way out I chatted to the nurse and she confirmed the bed situation and said that Dad wasn't even down for a bed in HDU, which I knew he should have been, so that made him second for the non existent bed!!!
Sure enough 10am came and the surgeon came around and said that they couldn't do the op due to the lack of beds, and then the best reason of all time, 'your replacement part is stuck in Leeds' (just the odd 175 miles away!!) So he will be re booked and they will try again in January. That gives them one last chance before they have to do the op come hell or high water!!


Travis Erwin said...

Least he'll be able to wait until after the holidays.

Jennifer Jilks said...

That's tough. I've been in a similar situation.

It is an operation that can do a lot of good. It is no fun when you are in pain. All the best to you and your Dad. You are a great daughter.

Manna said...

I second Jennifer's comment, you are a great daughter. Hope all gg well with your father.