Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Friends

We were shocked by the prawn cocktail.

Perhaps the chef had lost his knife??

I hate lettuce, I had pate!! Hurrah!!

Tonight I went out for the Annual Girls night out, one of many that I go on around the Christmas season. Its usually a very happy event (or several events) and tonight was no different. I went with Maddy, Sandra and Sue. Maddy I have grown up with and has been a part of my life through thick and thin since I was 5. I can't remember a time without her, we have been through so much together. I don't need to talk to her to know what she is thinking and the same goes for her.We booked our table at the pub last month and the miserable manager was at great pains to tell us that he would not be providing us with any festive items, no crackers, no party popper, he would provide the food alone. I just knew what Maddy would do and she didn't disappoint me. She came armed with a rocking Santa for the table, plus crackers and baubles, we had our own festivities much to the amusement of the other diners!! She is all you can ask for in a friend someone who is always there even if we don't talk every day or even every week.
Sandra went to secondary school with Madeline and Sue was originally her friend, but is now my friend too. These friends are from the early years of my life and have endured.
Next I have my local friends, Karen over the road who I can see virtually every day but often don't get a chance to speak to, chatting after a break we can just pick up from where we finished even if that was weeks or months ago. Sue who has children the same age as Laura and Carl who I keep in contact with, along with Jenny, Maxine, Lorraine, Michelle and Julia, all girls I call school mum friends.
Fran who now lives away in Suffolk, I still love to chat to Fran and her family although distance has made that less regular, she is still up there as one of my all time favourites!!
Tina who I have known for 25 years, who gave me a shocking insight into looking after babies, when she contracted meningitis when her twins were 6 weeks old. She was so sick that she ended up in hospital and I got baby sitting duty for an extended period, having had nothing what so ever to do with tiny babies before then. Those babies are now 25 and Emma is my God Daughter who is in turn expecting her first baby in March next year.
I have my new friends Dina and her family who are great fun and who are always game for a laugh. Wendy who has been through hell and has still come out smiling and willing to start over again, no matter how many knocks she has taken. Scrapping friends like Jaffne, Ginger, Shirleen and Sue D. New friends like Debbie who have added so much to our lives.
So without wanting to sound too slushy I have had a fun evening and I have looked back at fun Christmas times in the distant past and I count my blessings and hope for many more to come.


Manna said...

Friends are the best, aren't they? Glad you had such winderful time minus the lettuce :)

suebaru said...

Aw,you actually think I'm your friend and not a stalker?" ;)

Travis Erwin said...

That ginormous lettuce is going to give me night mares.

Jen said...

Awww! I'm not surprised you have so many friends, Liz, cos you're a diamond :)