Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas has arrived!!

Today Christmas has arrived in this household. It seems to have been a bit of a slog this year with so much else going on, but finally we are sorted. This morning I dropped Beth off at practice and headed for the garden centre to look for a tree. I was shocked at the price, last year we paid £20 for a 'real' tree, which I love to have. I was shocked to find the cheapest tree, was now £24 and it was only 3ft tall. Not a nice 3ft either, one of those 18 inches of tree and 18 inches of one single pointed bare branch. The next price bracket was £29. I decided that it was far too much to pay and set off in search of a fake tree.
I struck lucky because B and Q had got all of theirs in a sale, I eventually settled on this one above which was reduced from £49 to a bargain £6.48! Its described as a 6ft 6ins slim Aspen Pine and it fits the gap perfectly!!!
When I was living at home we always used to wait until December the 14th before putting up the tree, the 14th was my sister Val's birthday, and it was only fair that she celebrated that before the decorations came along. I can hardly believe that it will be 10 years next March since she passed away, we think of her all time and specially on her Birthday!


Karen said...

Tree looks lovely Lyzzy.
Merry Christmas :o)
God bless Val
Karen xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the tree Lyzzy - quite a bargain. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your stay in North Yorkshire at Christmas and call again and see me on my blog when you have time.

Charles Gramlich said...

That is a nice tree. Well decorated. it's so warm here today I don't much feel like putting up a tree.

Manna said...

Gorgeous tree, Lyzzy!