Saturday, December 13, 2008

Walls to you!!!!

Yesterday at work it started off really icy , black ice, white ice, snow a little tiny bit, it was pretty chilly. Just outside my office is a brick wall which is covered in loads of little mounds of moss. It looked particularly pretty with a very slight dusting of snow.
I am glad it is the weekend its been a very long and miserable week work wise, I am only in for as long as it takes to cook something for someone and then its off out again to panto practice, guides, swimming, shopping a never ending list of things for everyone else!! I though today would be a break, but no Beth had to be in town to hand out flyer's for the panto dressed up in her Cat outfit. 9am start, 9am on a Saturday!!!! Its been pouring with rain all night and all day so there is loads of water lying everywhere. So we dropped her off, popped into town to pick up a last minute present and to buy some more wrapping paper, we got drenched. We had just got back to see mum and dad when she phoned for us to collect her!!!
Next she decides that she would like to make a Victoria sandwich for the practice tomorrow, so we went shopping for the ingredients, then she has pestered me silly to make it. I swear one of these days I will have nothing to do, but by then I will be about 105 years old !!!


debra said...

Wonderful photos! What is a Victoria sandwich?

Barbara Martin said...

I loved the moss on the brick wall. Children always use parents as personal chauffers.

Travis Erwin said...

Like the green and ice contrast.

Manna said...

What great photography! But again you always do great photography :)