Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back on the Roller Coaster.

This first week back at work has not been a good one, mainly because of all that is going on at home as well as at work. Before Christmas dad had his hip replacement operation cancelled. He was actually in hospital in the bed when they told him they didn't have the part. They rearranged it for Tuesday just gone. This time it went ahead even though there wasn't a high dependency bed available. He has come through it well and got out and walked yesterday for the first time which was great less than 24 hours after the op.
My colleague at work is dealing with her own problems, her father in law has had two massive heart attacks and is poorly in hospital 150 miles away. He is now waiting for a quadruple heart bypass and is so sick that they are refusing to let him home while he is building up to having the op. So she hasn't been at work which leaves me with everything plus visiting in the evening. Yesterday I didn't get out of my last meeting until 6pm, so it was straight from that into the hospital.
Another gripe, why do people who buy things on eBay (Beth has sold some toys this week) fail to read the listing?? Its easier if we accept pay pal as it means its quick and confirmed, but no, last night received an email from one buyer saying the cheque is in the post, so that means a trip to the bank and a wait for clearance, virtually a two week delay when it says quite clearly in the listing Pay Pal only. Grrrrr. The other annoying thing is that we sold thirteen lots and we are still waiting for contact from two and the auction finished on Monday!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
On a positive note the weather is looking better, positively tropical, 1C, first time in around 2 weeks its been above freezing, won't have to scrape the car today.

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David Cranmer said...

I shall keep my fingers crossed that the month picks up and gets better!