Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Carl is hoping to go to University this year, he has applied and is now starting to get the replies and invitation to interviews. He wants to be a Primary School teacher so he has to be interviewed to see if he is suitable material. The amount of 'stuff' he has to take with him is daunting, so we have got it all together in a folder, along with photocopies so he is prepared. The University that he really wants to go to is Hertfordshire, right on our door step, its where he works so he could continue to fund himself and it has a great reputation, its also the only one he hasn't heard from!! So we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will hear from them soon and that they want to have have him.
I am still shocked by how much University will cost, £3000 per year tuition for three years, plus accommodation and living expenses of around £500 per month, on top of that is the cost of course materials, books and the likes. He could come out of this with a huge debt to pay off. If you consider that its just about impossible for young folk to buy a property these days, he could be in debt for a good long time. If he was able to stay at home and attend Hertfordshire he would only have to pay the tuition which would feel much better!! Fingers crossed he hears from them soon.


Manna said...

All the best wishes in the world for Carl! Keep us posted, Lyzzy!

suebaru said...

Fingers crossed!See you Weds :)

kirsty said...

Hope he gets what he wants!!

Jenn Jilks said...

This is such an exciting time in your life. As mom you can stand back and be cheerleader as your son makes his way in the world.

I am a retired teacher, with 3 adult children graduated from University and gainfully employed.

My only issue now are the phone calls from the universities begging for donations!!!!

Debbielou said...

Good luck Carl !!

£3k a year - We'd better start saving now ! x

Barrie said...

Keeping fingers crossed over here for you guys!

Katie said...

Hi Lyzzy
So nice to be blogging again, I've missed reading your posts. My son started has his teacher training course last September and he absolutely loves it. Luckily it is in a university that is close by so he is still living at home.
You're right the cost of university can be a nightmare. I really wouldn't encourage anyone to go unless they had a 'vocation', you know teacher, doctor, engineer etc.
It is such an expensive way to enjoy the 'student life' other wise!