Friday, January 16, 2009

What is it????

Last October we visited Belgium for our half term holiday and while we were there I took loads of photos of fungi. I am now about to scrap them and I just can't identify this one. I have done a load of google searches to try and find a similar specimen with no luck, so I am asking if anyone has any idea what it is ? If it helps it was growing in a lightly wooded area in Belgium outside our villa, it was under deciduous trees.
It has the more gorgeous texture, looks like suede. Some shots of common puffballs look similar, but they seem to have a far spikier surface, so are there any amateur fungi fanciers out there who can identify this mystery plant?


Raymonde said...

It looks so gorgeous, just like a designer cushion for little fairies!!!
Sorry have no idea what it is though, chemists are good at identifying mushrooms and fungi though, it you take the picture to them. Have a good day. Lots of hugs. xxxxxxxxx

LuLu said...

Stunning shot and your photo does show how the fungi has a suede texture/feel to it . . but alas can't help you identify it !

Debbielou said...

I'll get Malc to taste it !

I'm sure a good doctor would eventually find out the answer to your question !!!

Great piccy though x

Manna said...

Great shot, Lyzzy! Nope, not a fungus expert here either :)

Kim Marie said...

Hmmmm...a fuzzy mushy!? LOL! Sorry I don't really know....but it looks to be of the mushroom family!
Hope you figure it out!
Kim Marie