Sunday, January 04, 2009


The after show party was in full swing until who knows what time, we ended up leaving just before midnight, Beth is exhausted as were most of the other children. There were some very nice speeches including one from the director who referred to the five youngsters for who this was their first major performance and commitment. Beth was mentioned by name as never having missed a rehearsal and for her positive attitude and performance.
There were nine youngsters in this production and they all got on very well between them they have decided to ask the chair of the theatre to choose plays during the year that have some roles for children. The ones that have been chosen for this year only have very limited opportunity for youngsters.
They are looking forward to next Christmas already as they hope that they get The Wizard of Oz sorted out, lots of youngsters roles in that play!
This morning we are up early to go and do the 'get out' The next production team and cast need to use the green room and stage from 12pm today so we have to go in and clear all the props from the stage, check out the wardrobe and sort anything that needs cleaning and put everything else away. We need to hoover a months worth of rubbish off of the green room floor plus toilet and sink cleaning, should be fun. They are encouraging the youngsters to go and do their bit as its all part of the whole production.
Back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that!!!!


David Cranmer said...

I remember looking forward to being in plays as a kid. Nervous before showtime but excited by all the kudos afterwards.

preTzel said...

The party looks fun. We had my dad and stepmom over for our NYE party. We all competed against each on the Wii though so exhaustion was imminent. ;)

Manna said...

Love love love your new banner, Liz!

Manna said...

and Happy 2009 to you :)

Alex said...

Your new banner ROCKS!!! Glad to hear it all went well! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex