Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weather Obsessed.

Its a sure sign that you are getting older when you start to notice the weather. I have started to detect a bit of a pattern. I think it started off quite slowly last year. I saw one of these inside outside digital weather monitoring devices. So I treated myself and now have the monitor set up by my computer. The purchase of this device was spurred on by changing our car to one with a temperature gauge in it.
We now have three cars that can tell us the temperature plus the digital one indoors. I find myself looking at the monitor at all sorts of times. For instance now, it is telling me that would need to take my umbrella with me, (I don't actually need to look at the monitor for that, the din its making on the conservatory roof is drowning out the sound of the TV!!) Its 6.1C which is warmer than this time last week (I am getting sadder and sadder) its 20C inside which is toasty, In fact if it gets to 21 it will be too warm!!
So I think the next step will be investing in sensible slippers and a 'housecoat' its all down hill from here on in!!!!


Manna said...

Ha, you are funny, Lyzzy! I check our weather everyday too. Stay warm and dry! Wishes for happy days ahead!

Kim Marie said...

I know exactly what you mean, Lyzzy! The weather channel and I are buds and I have even befriended a local meteorologist here! Isn't it funny?! {and I would love it if I only needed an we need a SNOW SHOVEL!!}
Kim Marie

Debbielou said...

You're Mad woman !! What ahppened to the seaweed outside the back door - you've gone too technical! x