Friday, January 30, 2009

These things are sent to try us!!!

Usually we don't have any trouble booking ourselves a holiday but this year of course is going to be a little more challenging, nothing will fall into place and its beginning to annoy me!!!!

On the plus side I have a mini break booked in February half term, we are going to Sunderland for a few night. We'll catch up with Tom's sisters and families and reintroduce Beth to the wonders of the North East.

On an absolute whim I have booked myself a weekend in Edinburgh. My friends Jen and Shirley are having a get together and mentioned it to me, I am not sure if they were actually expecting me to say yes, but I thought I would take a look at the train fares and see if it was possible. I found that there was a direct train from Stevenage to Edinburgh so I checked out the fares. You really have to have your wits about you when looking at the fares. I first of all priced a return journey, which came out at £103. Luckily the site I was on suggested that single fares may be cheaper. So I checked out the single fares and managed to get the journey to Scotland for £24 and the return leg of £16!! How on earth is that possible??? So what started as 'we'll ask her she'll never come' has turned into reality!!!!

Onto the summer holiday which is causing a fair amount of problems. First of all we couldn't go before the 1st of August due to Carl's commitments, work, cub camp etc. Then Debbie Lou couldn't get the 13th off so that was a no go. When we thought we had it sorted Tom then found he had lost the first week in August. So now we are looking at trying to sort something for the last two weeks if Deb can get one single day off right in the middle of the holiday. Its driving us all nuts, because we dare not book anything until we are 100% sure that she has the time, I am just hoping that if she does get it sorted that there are still vacancies !!!

Snow from last year,

This weekend we are forecast snow, Hurrah!!!! So far this winter we have missed every snow fall, once we were out of the country when a freak snow storm hit at home. For the past few years there has been snow right at the end of January so I am hoping this year will be no different!!


Manna said...

Well, I'm jealous, lol. We haven't taken any holiday for at least 2 years now :( But all the best to you and hope it all work out with your summer holiday! BTW, you can have all the snow from here or better yet from Kim Marie :P

Debbielou said...

Fingers crossed !!!!!!!

Quite looking forward to the snow ( but not driving to work in it !)

See you soon - Hope Beth is feeling better x

Kim Marie said...

Oh my gosh, Lyzzy...but by the time all the details come together it will be a perfect trip!!

And hey, Manna is right! If you want snow, I can package it up and ship it off to you!! We have had inches and inches (okay, feet and feet) and the end of January is only the beginning of our snow!!! February and March are even snowier here in NY!! Yikes! Big storm coming on Tuesday this week....I'll try to blow it much farther Westward, just for you! LOL!

Kim Marie

Maureen said...

good luck with the vaca...I can't even think that far ahead...and I'm just talkin the February break!!LOL Yeah..Kim Marie gets it worse, but Tuesday, I'll be getting that storm too...with I hope feet and feet of snow (which is a good thing if it does the same by my school because I LOVE having snow days off!!)