Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hardly little Flower.

Over the past week we have had a load of heavy rain, some really frosty nights, some really dull
and miserable weather. Today when I was putting the lids back on the dustbins I noticed this little Ox Eye Daisy on the front lawn. This Daisy is a one off, no signs of any others. Is it confused?? My front lawn in the summer is covered with them. I really can't remember seeing one flower in January before. I would put it down to global warming, but I have had to scrape the car for the past two mornings!!
Perhaps summer is on the way.


Raymonde said...

Love the close up shot, no idea what the weather is up to either. When are we up for this photography get together? Have a nice day. XXX

Manna said...

What a beautiful photo! TFS!

jakey said...

I hope so Lyzzy, I truly hope so!

Love your photographs :-)