Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creative Sunday!!

Yesterday We spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening around Debbielou's house, we enjoyed her fantastic cooking including her stunning pudding of Pecan Pie. The trouble was her husband was very derogatory about her Pecan Pie (I think she said it was a Jamie Oliver Special) It was truly delicious. The secret ingredient was sweet potato and it made it lovely and moist. I should have taken some home with me!!
Debbielou was wearing a gorgeous necklace that we had seen in a bead shop in Delft last summer. Her very attentive husband had noticed that she liked it and he some how dodged back and bought it for her. Seeing it I remembered that I had bought some waxed black thread to give the tying technique a go. So last night I carefully examined it and today I have made a couple of proto types. I have loads of 'odd' beads, left overs from other projects (I never throw anything away) Its great fun knotting the beads on the thread and a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The only thing you have to watch is under estimating the amount of thread that you need, the knots use far more that you would think!!
I have made one long one that wraps around twice, and one shorter one that just pops over your head. I really like the bright colours and as Debbielou said they look like sweeties!!

This is the longer one, loads of different beads in this one.

This is the longer one all crunched up!!

This is the shorter one, which is versatile as you can choose your own favourite beads to wear to the front!
I am going to try some different variations, perhaps brown cord and brown and beige beads, although I'll need to go and look for some new supplies............


Brodders said...

Blinking gorgeous

Travis Erwin said...

MY wife does a bit of beading as well.

debra said...

Great necklace. I love the vibrant colors.

Raymonde said...

Love the colours, they remind me of the holiday we had in Italy and we visited the island of Murano and Burano, one for the lace and one for the glass. The necklaces are gorgeous looking forward to seeing you wearing them. Love

Debbielou said...

Liz - That's absolutely brilliant !!!!

We'll both have to wear them when we go back to Delph.

Have fed Malc pecan pie for every meal since !

Great to see you all xx

Manna said...

You are so talented, girl! These are gorgeous!

LuLu said...

Stunning ! WOW where do yo get the patience from ! I would of dropped all the beads on the floor and then given up !

Love the vibrancy of both your necklace - well done you.