Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to Work Wednesday.

I took yesterday off of work, I was exhausted after the weary weekend and needed some time to sort myself out. I popped into town to buy slipper for mum and visited her in the evening. They have decided that she needs an angiogram and angioplasty to widen any narrowed places in her arteries in her heart. She is very upset and frightened. On a positive note she has been moved out of the temporary observation ward and onto a cardiac/medical ward. To have the angiogram she will have to go to Stevenage Lister hospital. The nurse said that they will take her and it might involve an overnight stay there before returning to WGC. They plan to do this before the consider releasing her.
Fingers crossed they get it sorted in the next few days.
Of course the next problem is that we had a party planned for their Golden wedding Anniversary which is the 25th of the month. We have decided the best thing to do is postpone it for the time being as she is fretting about not making it. Once she is home and feeling better we can think about doing it a little later on.
I don't seem to have posted anything crafty for ages so I have added a very simple layout of the new baby in our circle, Bobbie May who was born on the 9th of March, she is an absolute doll. In these photos she is around 2 hours old!! Mum (my God Daughter Emma) and Dave are exhausted but thrilled, just look at Dave's face!!! - A besotted new daddy!

So far she is being a good baby and Emma is coping very well.
More good news, Laura and Scott have decided that they are to marry next year so we have all the excitement of that to help plan as well.
Hope you have a good day.


Katie said...

So glad your Mum is doing better. Will you be making the invitations for the wedding?
Lovely baby photos too.


Jenn Jilks said...

As my mother was becoming ill, we took heart in the unfolding of the cycle of life. The baby photos are an important recognition.

Well done.

Our toddler granddaughter was here last w/e, with her parents, of course, and I know my late mom and dad were smiling.

Jen said...

OOH you'll be a gran before too long ;) Sorry about your mum. She'll be relieved when the procedure is over and done with. Take care xxx

Manna said...

Sorry your mum has to go thru the hard stuff. But she'll be very glad when the procedure is all done. Will be thinking of her.

Sue said...

(((hugs))) for your mum
Layout is Beautiful!!