Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hospital Observations......

You would think that if you were in hospital with a heart problem, that one of the things they would been keen to keep and eye would be your blood pressure?? Well mum has large arms a problem that seems to run the family (as well as large everything else ;0) ) So every time they come around to take her blood pressure, they only have a small cuff, which surprisingly doesn't work. (because it doesn't fit it actually makes the blood pressure reading very high)So for days she has been approached by a variety of nurses who all realise the cuff is too small and wander off looking for a bigger one never to return. The real annoying thing is that if we were to pop out to any of the Chemists in town we could buy one that would do the job with the correct size cuff all for less than twenty quid.
So in the end we had to get out of our prams and insist that they find a cuff man enough for the job, this took them the whole of the visiting time and resulted in mum having five different machines around her bed, with 6 or 7 different cuffs all using different connectors. What a shambles. Finally one of the nurses went to the main stores and managed to get a complete set up, machine and cuff and instantly mums blood pressure went down. I can't believe that they are so useless.
Today we are having a Royal Visit from the Stortford Jacksons, a very regal bunch of folk who shared our holiday last summer, a family that looks danger in the face every single time the set foot outside their house. Who knows what will happen here. I can promise Debbie that the Chicken will not be raw, (its been slow cooking all day) The will be no CS gas in any of our drinking vessels, (only wine and port) So God willing this might be a chilled afternoon!!

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Jen said...

Glad mum's bp is down. I have that problem with cuffs too. What a pain! Take care.