Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final Layout

I had a good week last week fitting in all the cybercrop layouts. I enjoyed doing things that were outside my normal comfort zone and a bit different for me. this is Beth doing her Titanic bit on a rock in Sunderland!!
Things are starting to get back to normal (whatever that is) here. Today dad has his pre op for his operation on Friday, fingers crossed that goes well and then he can have the hernia repair and that will be one job done. Mum is doing well!
Yesterday we had the chap around to look at the bathroom, we were hoping that he could do it while we are away in May, but he has been inconsiderate and booked himself a golfing holiday. So we are going to wait until we go away in August, that way I won't have to be here while its all happening and there isn't so much pressure on him to keep a loo up and running, seeing how we only have the one!
Last night we went out to celebrate Sue's birthday, we went to the Crooked Chimney, the food was excellent but the place was freezing. We ended up moving around a fair bit, we closed the curtains in an effort to stay warm!! We are all getting older and all of us seem to be falling apart. This wasn't in the grand plan of things. Still we must make sure we get our moneys worth out of the national health system!!

When shall we four meet again?? Thunder lightening or in rain??
Lets get it on!!! (2 old birds in a fluster!!)
Eye Eye!!!!


Sue said...

LOl I know what you mean about falling apart!
will be thinking of your dad on Fri.
I need to do that LO then i think i am done ..This is my Fav one :)

Manna said...

WOW, what gorgeous layout, Lyzzy! Love it!