Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short week

One thing I like about Easter is that you end up with two 4 day weeks on the trot, 4 days at work is so much better than 5 days. Its small comfort though, as I would really prefer to work two days and have 5 off each week, but I am not able to do that yet!!!!
So what has happened today?? Well mum is looking fine and seems to be responding well to the drugs that she has been given. She has been told that she will most likely have the angiogram next Tuesday, this will give the drugs time to settle things down and hopefully give them the best chance of trying to sort things out during the procedure. So fingers crossed that things continue to go smoothly.
The next issue is mobile phones, late last week Carl's 02 phone packed up, the screen has gone. It is several years old and beyond repair, so I have my old 'work' phone which was recently upgraded, but its locked to the Orange network. I contacted an online company for an unlock code but it seems this particular model of Samsung phone has to be physically unlocked by cable so he will have to make a trip to the market tomorrow to have that done. Meanwhile my 02 phone also goes on the blink (its a Nokia which has been the pits virtually since the beginning) Now it doesn't hold any charge. My work colleague and I have the same model and between us we might be able to make a single working phone. The problem with hers is that it loses the background pictures and wall papers every time she charges her phone. Mine randomly changes the ring tone back to the annoying Nokia tone, for no good reason. the problem with that is I don't always twig straight away that its my phone ringing and frequently miss calls!!!

Its amazing how you come to rely on this tiny bit of technology. I can now upgrade, so I am faced with trying to decide if I need a 12 million mega pixel camera (why I don't know as I have never mastered the art of uploading any photos that I have taken!!) Perhaps I need that MP3 player with built in FM Radio?? again I have had these facilities in the past but have never remembered to take any earphones with me to use it! So the latest must have is sat nav, do I need this??? Will I ever forget where I have parked my car?? These phones have a facility to enable you to mark the car location in case you have some sort of mental blow out while shopping and really can't remember. ( I expect that if I forget where I have parked my car, I am likely to have also forgotten that I have a Sat nav to help me locate it!!!)

So every upgrade time another dilemma and another decision to be made, I am off to compare all the phones available and see what is the best value for money and has the most bells and whistles that I won't use!!!

Happy Thursday.

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Manna said...

I know just what you mean. We are so dependent on techno stuff it's scary. Have fun shopping for new mobile.