Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ouch!!!! - Look away now if squeamish!

With the spring full underway the trampoline has been given a good bashing again.

We had a look at the springs and noticed that there were a few that needed replacing, so they were replaced. The rest of the looked fine. I say looked fine because Beth was jumping on it when there was a loud twang and one of the springs gave away and sheared off, one end embedding itself in her shin. There was lots of screaming and blood and the wound was surrounded straight away by a huge angry bruise that stood a centimetre proud of her shin. A very nasty injury that looks even worse now its healing as the bruise is now multi coloured and the wound is scabbed over. I think its going to leave a permanent scar, a semi circle where it hit.
I think that it was a freak accident, it could easily have missed her, she was unlucky. It hasn't put her off, now its healed a bit she is back out there bouncing for England.

So check out your springs and discard any that appear to be over stretched or worn.


Manna said...

Poor girl! {{{HUGS}}} to the both of you!

Raymonde said...

Ouch, thanks for the advice though we will check ours.

Sue said...

Poor Love!! That looks so sore

Debbielou said...

Oooh ! Poor Beth - looks really painful x

suebaru said...

Yikes!! Better check ours,it's getting on a bit now!