Saturday, April 04, 2009

Its the Weekend.

After yet another long week I am pleased to be at a weekend. Perhaps I really do need to address what I am doing during the week. Its becoming long , tedious and mentally draining. There is only so much that you can take on and then it has to explode somewhere or other. I am also spending far too much time online, its all or nothing. I am off to a conference in June in Brighton. Simple enough. The lady who was booking the hotels for a whole group of us called to say that she had booked hers and because the only rooms left at that hotel were 'bunk bed' rooms she was not sure if we wanted those!! Well I think I am far to old for bunk beds, so I declined her offer. This left me with trying to find 3 rooms in a town where there was no room at the inn. I finally after much searching found three rooms in two hotels with very similar names, I consulted trip advisor and decided that one of them with around 90 one start ratings was not going to be my choice, from the photos there was mould and mess everywhere. As I have said the names were very similar, so of course I booked the wrong hotel.
I canceled that the next morning booked on line the hotel I wanted only to receive a call to say that there had been an error and they only had one room and not three Grrrrrrr. I finally managed to find us three rooms in a hotel, but we have had to each have a family room and the breakfast is only continental rather than full English. That took hours and hours!
I have advertised mum and dads mobility scooter on eBay and that is jinxed, the first woman that bought it lived 100 miles away and didn't realise that it would take her longer that 10 minutes to get here, so after going out of our way to take an offer for the machine she failed to turn up and we had to cancel the bid (which is another faff about) I re advertised it and again accepted an offer. This time despite regular emails to the buyer they didn't seem to realise that they had to phone us and I thought it was going to turn into another problem. They told us that they would be arriving around 6, and eventually turned up at 8pm. Then they could pick it up to put it in the car so we had to go around and load it for them!!
So here is Saturday, Beth is begging for a Chinese takeaway for tonight's dinner and its only 10.30am. (Situation normal there) The washing is on and there is a huge basket of clean clothes to be put away. I would like to do some scrapping but I have to dig out the craft table from under a pile of 'stuff' that everyone has dumped on it!!
Roll on Easter and a four day weekend.


Jen said...

Awww! Hope you have a relaxing Sunday at least!

Debbielou said...

Try and get a bit of rest xxx

Stuff the ironing - it will still be there tomorrow !

Raymonde said...

Just want to give you big hug and say, there there there it will be all right. Take care, hope you can really enjoy your Easter holidays. Love. xxx

Barrie said...

Imagine studying amongst all that history! I will keep my fingers crossed for Carl. And good luck with your bathroom remodel! I wish I had separate bathroom and loo.

Katie said...

Oh Lyzzy, this doesn't sound like you at all. You must be so stressed out!
I know what you mean about the table thing too, drives me nuts. When my lot are told to move their junk so we can eat, instead of just putting it away they move it to the window sill, aaargh!!
Never mind it will soon be Easter and you can have a massive lollop (technical term for relaxing and being lazy) about!