Sunday, April 26, 2009


25th April 2009, Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary. To say that things had not to plan is a bit of an understatement!! Because of Mums illness they had to cancel their holiday to New York, they also had to cancel the party that they had planned, mainly because we were not sure if mum would be well enough or even out of hospital in time to go ahead with it. So now she has been home for a couple of days we decided on the spur of the moment to go out for a bite to eat with family. So I booked The Cowper Arms at Digswell. They were very accommodating and welcoming, they fit 13 of us in and served a lovely meal!! I bought some balloons for the table and some banners. The rest we will save for the rescheduled party!

Group shot of the 'cheap' side of the table!!
Auntie Peg and Uncle Roy, Mums Brother and Sister in Law.

My sister in Law Nicky, brother Keith and Beth.

The ugly mob left to right Laura, Scott,Dad, Mum, Me and Tom.

Laura and Scott.

Mum and Dad.

Carl, who poor soul was suffering at the time with the arrival of one of his wisdom teeth!!!! Had to drink medicinal Cider to help him over the trauma.


karen said...

Good to see your mum looking well Liz.
So pleased you all got to celebrate your mum and dads anniversary.

Jen said...

Gosh, doesn't mum look well! Considering she'd been in hospital and all.... Happy Anniversary to them both :) Take care. (Thank you for your sweet words - I'm fine now, honest)

Raymonde said...

Congratulations to the Golden Anniversary couple. It is so nice to see them both especially your mum looking so well. Lots of love to them both. xxx

suebaru said...

Glad you managed to arrange a party for them despite everything !

Manna said...

BIG Congrats to the love birds :) It's a great accomplishment! Hooray for them both!