Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday - Mmmmmm Chocolate!!!

This year the credit crunch seems to be hitting everywhere, Beth hasn't had the haul of eggs that she usually gets, not that it will do her much harm to go without !! The eggs she does have are very nice and there is the prospect of more before the day is out. She is particularly happy with the package received from Fran, Pete and Becca, it was a double bonus, tiny chocolate eggs PLUS money, what more could a girl ask for??

Hunny thought that the chocolate was for her so she took a very keen interest in the proceedings!!She had to make do with a biscuit.
Weather is all you would expect for a bank holiday, wet , cold and wet again. Nothing new there. We have Laura and Scott over for lunch. Carl has phoned to say that he is on his way back and will be ready for collection at 12.15, the joys of being a taxi driver!!

Yesterday I spent catching up with my scrapping, I managed to break my C plate in my Cuttlebug which is a nuisance. I did make very good headway with the scrapping though and scrapped 14 pages.


suebaru said...

14 ??!!
Lovely and sunny where we are!

Life is Life said...

RIP c plate haha lol

Manna said...

I want the Maltesers :)