Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Change

You know how it is, its spring and you feel the need for a change, well I felt the need for a change and I changed my blog!! Thought a few cheery flowers around the outside would make a nice change!
Tomorrow Dad is having his hernia repaired in hospital, so we will be heading off there for 7.30am. Hopefully it will just be an overnight case and we'll collect him on Saturday morning fingers crossed.
We seem to have had our fill of hospitals at the moment. My colleague at work is presently going through the ICU hell, her FIL had a triple heart by pass and has developed complications, he is on life support and holding his own, although they are describing his condition as critical but stable. So fingers crossed for him.
My life long friend is also going through it as well, her sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have a mastectomy this week. This is particularly tragic as it seems to run in the family, my friend has had breast cancer and they lost their mother to breast cancer. I can only pray that they have found this early enough and that they can treat it successfully.

Anyway onto to more cheerful things, here is Beth in nan and Grandads garden, she looks like she is in some sort of jail, but really she is looking through the wrought iron rose arch!!

Guess what these are ???? Tulips obviously, but these are special tulips, they are tulips from Amsterdam!!! We bought them back from our holiday last year for mum and dad. They have grown strong and tall and they are quite beautiful.


Jenn Jilks said...

Isn't it fun bringing home such memories.
I gave out daffodil bulbs at my father's funeral. It seemed fitting as he grew them! I had forgotten and my daughter reminded me.

Brodders said...

Hope your dads op goes well and your friends relatives get better soon xxxx
I love the new look of your blog :)