Friday, May 01, 2009

Beautiful Day.

This morning started early, I had to drop dad off in Hospital for 7.45am. It was a strange affair he had to go to Queens wing , which is the day case theatre. Once we got there we found that they weren't expecting him!! Finally a nurse turned up to do his observations and I left them to it. On the way home I collected Laura and dropped her off at Mums. She is staying with her today and overnight, so she is not alone so soon after coming home from hospital herself.

Dads op went well they have repaired the hernia with keyhole surgery, which is good news. We visited him tonight and he was in a bit of pain, mainly from the trapped gas from the operation, they expect him to be up and home tomorrow.

The weather today was fantastic, warm and balmy and just like a summers day. Hunny was happy to sit out the front on the grass munching her chew!

The flowers are really taking off so I snapped a few more shots of them, The red anemones are really stunning!!

The lilac tree has really taken off, we bought it years ago as a tiny little plant in the bargain bit of the garden centre. We didn't think it would survive, now its nearly as tall as the house!

Last year I had loads of these in my front garden this year they have all gone next door!! How very odd.


Raymonde said...

Good news for your Dad. Have a really good Bank holiday. xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Great that your Dad is doing well!
Those photos are beautiful!
kim x

Almost Normal said...

Almost got my new layout sorted, just trying to fix the top colours...