Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beautiful Bluebells

Yesterday we took the dog for a walk over in the Woods behind Panshanger Airfield. The bluebells were glorious, the woods were carpeted with them and their scent was was on the breeze. The only problem was that it was quite a dull day so the photos don't really reflect their true beauty.

Hunny ran ahead and must have run miles and miles. When I checked my photos she was missing from just about all the shots, she was far too busy chasing squirrels and birds, neither of which she is ever likely to catch!!!

At the side of the woods there is a field of rape seed, again in full sunlight it is stunning, this time it was not quite as bright but still pretty.

I find that when you go for a walk that you tend to look ahead and at more eye level stuff, well yesterday I was still looking for blossom, so I was looking up, that's when I noticed these beautiful horse chestnut leaves. I love this shade of green it just speaks of summer and hot weather. (I am ever hopeful!!)
So back to work today, this week is going to be one of those odd wrong day weeks, it always happens when there has been a bank holiday on the Monday, you spend the rest of the week a day behind. Mind you a four day week is always welcome!!!


Manna said...

Breath-taking photog!

debra said...

We have bluebells here, too, Virginia bluebells.