Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Bank Holiday

Well a Bank Holiday usually means rain rain rain, but the forecast for this weekend and the following week is good, excepting a bit of a blip on Sunday so fingers crossed. We are off to sunny (hopefully) Scratby, which sounds a bit like a disease that you don't like to admit that you have. I have had today off work to sort things out, the list of those things is endless. I have cleaned out the budgies, hoovered, packed, filled the car, checked the water and oil. So far so good. Had a quick look at the tyres and found a huge nail in one of them. So I had to get that fixed as well.

Hunny is coming with us so we have had to swap luggage around and and load the car to allow enough room for her in the back. She doesn't usually like travelling but this time she is keen to get in the car, I have had to shoo her out a few times. I have had her in the garden brushing her, all in an effort to reduce the amount of hair that she will leave everywhere!

I think I am just about ready, I have a birthday card to finish and post and I must sort out the shoes and drinks for the journey.

Today is also special for another reason, its Carl's last day at school, he has to go back for his exams but no more lessons. Where has that time gone?? its only five minutes since I took him off to reception to start in Mrs. Greeners class. He is now closer to 19 than 18 !! He has really enjoyed his time at Nicky B and he has come on leaps and bounds. When I think back to those dark days when he was sent his secondary school allocation, the only child in his class not to get a single school on his list, the only child in his class to ever be allocated the particular school that he was given. It was awful. We approached Nicky B and asked if they would take him. We had only discounted it as we felt it was too far to travel, we had liked it and liked their ethos and pastoral care. Lucky for us the decided to take all the children who were baptised catholics off of the waiting list and run with half an extra class. Its the best thing that could have happened for him. Beth is there now as well and loving it!!!

So for the next week I will be attempting to update my blog from my iphone. I am going to try and do photos and everything, don't hold your breath!

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