Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

I seem to have been busy all weekend but have nothing to show for it. Yesterday Beth went to Whipsnade Zoo with Laura and Scott, Carl was working. Beth didn't get home until 10pm!! She was really tired and had caught the sun on her face!
Last night Carl had a fancy dress party to go to, he didn't want to drink and take his car, so Tom dropped him off in St.Albans. I had a bad feeling about the party, I don't know why really and I text him to tell him to be careful. He phoned back to say he was staying over and all was well. Anyway I had just got back from collecting Beth when he phoned and asked to be collected, there was obviously something wrong but it was so noisy we couldn't hear him. So I collected him and it seems that there was a drunken female there, someone in his class who regularly gets smashed and can't look after herself. (How scary is that???)Anyway this party was no different and she managed, while flailing around to hit Carl and knock him over, she landed on top of him and smashed his camera. (His new trousers were also ruined with stains from her drink which won't come out) He quite rightly was not happy and remonstrated with her, she started crying and he was the bad guy all of a sudden.
So what really ticks me off is that the whole situation could so easily have escalated, she was in no fit state to look after herself and could quite easily of accused him (and any other passing male) of anything. Although his friends wanted him to stay he said he was past caring by then and just wanted to come home.
Now he is a camera down and as he takes after his mother its one of his most important gadgets!!
Its hard being a mother, I want to go and tell the girl how dangerous it is to get into such a state where she doesn't know what she is doing. Carl would like his camera replaced, which I can't see happening so its a lose lose all around.
We are getting new sofas on Tuesday so we have had to do some sofa swapping today. Can't wait until they arrive. (I hope they last longer than the last two and I hope the place we have bought them from don't go bust!!)
Off now to collect Beth from her friends house, and prepare for the week ahead.


Sue said...

Theres always something Eh!
Poor Boy ..hope she does the decent thing :(
Enjoy your sofas :)

Travis Erwin said...

That stinks about the camera, but sadly it seems like girls are at the root of most guy's troubles in life.

Yeah I know, we create are share of trouble for y'all as well.

Jenn Jilks said...

IT is hard, isn't it...when you give over responsibility to them. You have to respect their decisions, though.