Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am getting old - Official.

So what are the signs that you are getting older?? This is my last year as a 40 something, I can remember thinking to myself as a child that when the year 2000 came along I would be 40 and that would be unbelievably old, at that time old to me was 19!!
Last night we went out with friends for a Chinese, we had a lovely evening but conversation got around to where the time had gone. My friend Madeline and I have been friends since reception class, around 45 years ago!!! Our lives have moved along similar paths, school, boyfriends, jobs, marriage, children and now we are dealing with children moving on (although we have Beth so it'll be a few more years yet!)
Way back when we were teenagers, we did the things teenagers did, went for nights out in Watford at the infamous nightclub 'Baileys' where we got in before we were old enough and witnessed such spectacles as Gary Glitter setting fire to his shoes (shame he didn't finish the job then and set fire to himself completely) Alvin Stardust lost his shirt sleeve to an over excited Madeline!! Davids Essex, Cool and the Gang and loads more.
They have long gone and we are into middle age and the things that we find exciting have changed, no more wild night clubs, we prefer gentler things, The Chelsea Flower show, dinner at the pub, looking around garden centres. More shocking is that I am finding fun 'doing' the garden. I love roses, I love the traditional plants lavender and the likes. I find myself going out there more and more fiddling with bits trimming this and weeding that.
So that is the sign, developing a liking for gardening and growing plants where none has existed before!!
To illustrate what I mean I am sharing with you my favourite roses, The red one is called Dublin Bay and the pink one is just that a pink one, anonymous but pretty!! The prettiest rose is yet to come , a double coloured one called oranges and lemons, I'll leave you to work out what colour that one is!!


karen said...

dont hang up your dancing shoes quite yet Lizzie - 50 is the new 30 :o) x

Almost Normal said...

awww don't worry mother, you don't look or act your age! if it makes you feel any better I'm already doing half of that myself! No nightlubs for the lozzie! I've always loved garden centres and I'm getting excited over the idea of a rug for the living room :p

Old before my time me, you're doing just fine :)

Sue said...

You are the same age as me missis!
Sometimes I feel increadably old and even wise, othertimes I am a shy 16 yr old again!LOL

Jen said...

You're catching up with me! Sadly I'll hit 50 before you do. I know I'm getting old cos I listen to Classic FM, radio 4 and radio 3 LOL!! You can come and do my garden anytime xxx

debby4000 said...

If it helps you're not alone this year will be my last year of my forties too. Only the coolest people were born in 1960.

Manna said...

I don't think we are old, we are recycled teenager :)