Friday, May 08, 2009

Nesting Update.

Well we do have a pair who are busily making their nest right outside my back door, so close that I can see them from my computer desk. I managed to snap a shot of one of them on the roof, over the weekend I plan to try and catch them in the tree.
I will say this for them, they are very ambitious!! You should see the collection of HUGE twigs that have fallen to the ground under the tree. I am surprised that they are able to fly with them, but they have some are sturdy twigs 20cms long! (mind you they have hit a problem with them that long, they can't get them into the nest site through the bushy tree, hence the pile on the floor underneath!!)
I am sure we will get used to hearing them plod across the roof, but at the moment they still make a noticeable racket!!

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