Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday and the rain arrives

Well it was going to happen the rain that is. It arrived last night with thunder and lightening quite spectacular. This morning we headed out to Wroxham Barns which was good for all of us the girls got to walk around the farm, they fed baby lambs by bottle and all the other animals . I got to look around the craft barns. I made a purchase for my new bathroom there was a guy doing stained glass work, so I have ordered three star shaped light catchers in shades of brown and cream we will collect them on Friday.
This afternoon mum and dad arrived so we went out for dinner with them this evening we will meet up with them tomorrow. If the weather is ok we will take the girls to the pleasure beach


Sue said...

I love wroxham barns :)
have fun and i hope the sun comes out for you at the beach

suebaru said...

Ooh,I love Wroxham Barns too!We always used to go there when we stayed in Norfolk :)